Traditional Therapy

Emily started therapy with Early Intervention right after her NICU discharge. Her first therapist was an Occupational Therapist. We did that twice a month, while we were also focusing on ABM lessons 3 to 4 times a week. As she has gotten older and has changed we decided to do as much home based as possible where she is most comfortable.

She now does:

Occupational Therapy once a week,

Physical Therapy once a week,

Speech Therapy once a week

Aquatic Therapy once a week

Dynamic Movement Orthosis suit and glove wearing – 8 hours per day

Emily visits the following doctors:

Ophthalmologist – every 3 months

Developmental Optometrist- new but will be about every 6 months

Neurology and physiatrist at the Children’s National perinatal brain injury clinic – every 3 months

Pediatrician – every 3 months

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