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The Therasuit method.

Mirror neurons and their roll in motor learning – found this via a this TED talk.

Research and writing about mirror neurons has exploded since 2005, when the team of researchers from Italy’s University of Parma made a series of breakthroughs to understand the function of mirror neurons in humans. This article from the American Psychological Association is one of the first to explain the importance of mirror neurons in detail.

NOVA’s explanatory video on mirror neurons outlines the basic thinking behind how these cells work. Scientific findings suggest that the neurons that fire in our brain when we are physically performing an action are the same neurons that fire when we observe someone else doing the same action. This explains why we feel pain when watching someone get smacked in the face with a frisbee, or why we feel sad when watching Meryl Streep weigh Sophie’s choice. Mirror neurons raise fascinating questions about learned human behavior.

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Conductive Education – a type of therapy that I see many centers couple with HBOT

Conductive Education, often described as rehabilitation through learning, was founded by Dr. Andras Peto in Budapest, Hungary, in 1948. Peto devised this unique, intensive group method of special education, which expects and demands active learning and participation by the child in attempting to overcome his/her motor disability (i.e. cerebral palsy, spina bifida, traumatic brain injury, cerebral vascular accidents, etc.).

Trained “conductors” work as Specialists in Motor Learning (combining principles of OT, PT, SLP, and teaching). The conductors are responsible for facilitating education, utilizing concepts of goal–directed activities, verbal regulation, and group dynamics.

One of the primary elements of Conductive Education is the group setting.

Derotation straps for legs.

Piracetam – pretty sold on this supplement.

Quantum Reflex Integration

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