Products and tools we use

I like to try out anything I think might help Emily along in her development. I will post about what we have tried and what we think here!

Omega Cure- truly non fishy tasting fish oil. Amazing! So easy to get all the kids to take.

The Wingbo Swing- love this for much happier tummy time then on the flat floor

Baby Babble Vol. 1 , 2 and 3 DVDs really impressed that Em’s babble has doubled since we started watching this. It really taught me how to talk to her and model different thing with the mouth for her. She blew her first raspberry as a result in the first week after watching.


Rocker board for vestibular stimulation – important for reflex development and balance practice

Crawling board – basically and indoor wooden slide that she has to push herself down with her arms and legs – crawling practice

Padded ramp – for tummy time and rolling practice

The Happy Strap – to help with leg abducting

DMO Suit and gloves – compression garments for proprioceptive input and biomechanical guidance

SPIO glove for compression of her “good hand” that is less restrictive than the DMO glove

Hip Helpers – we tried these for her excessive hip abduction but I felt they were too restrictive and switched to The Happy Strap

Infant silhouette cards from – for vision training and language development

Omega Cure -Truly non fishy tasting fish oil.  It is a snap to get Emily to have a whole serving in her yogurt.


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