Our Bionic Emily


Wearable Therapy Vest and Abdominal belt

Welcome to my blog about Emily’s journey with Axiobionics Wearable Therapy for treatment of her fine and gross motor control dysfunction due to a double stroke as an infant.    We received 6 pieces of wearable therapy yesterday and she has already been using 2 pieces on her lower legs that we received in December.    The plan is to have her work up to wearing her back piece and full arm pieces all day while the abdominal belt, “Bio Shorts” and  lower leg sleeves will be worn for several hours a day.  We have already seen great improvement from Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation for her.  Coupling this daily therapy with Physical Therapy Intensives will allow her to get much closer to her goal of playing on the playground and just being more independent.   Go, Emily Go!