Emily’s current favorite tool – silhouette cards

Emily has loved to have books read to her since she was just a few months old and it is now, hands down, her favorite activity. Since she has such a long attention span for sitting and reading books, I looked for other ways to help her along the way cognitively. I found the website, LittleGiantSteps.com when I was searching for help for Max with writing. That is where I found the infant cards that Emily now uses daily and loves as much as her books. They are black silhouettes on white cards of all different objects and people that you show the baby and name for two minutes at a time, up to a few times a day. Once the baby is accustomed to them, you start moving them side to side and up and down for eye tracking. Once they are good at that, you show two cards and ask them to point to the one that has the picture you named. This is perfect for Emily because it works on vision, receptive language and making choices all at once. I love tools that let us work on many things at once. We are still going through at level 2 but I am looking forward to seeing her recognize the pictures and make a correct choice between two. I stick to the two minute rule that they strongly recommend but Emily cries when I stop showing a set. She really enjoys them and has her favorites that she smiles extra big for. There are about 80 cards so this will be a large number of words added to her receptive vocabulary. LittleGiantSteps also has pattern cards for younger babies or dots to teach quantity for older babies. Glad I stumbled on them, it’s fun theraplay!



Baby Babble DVDs

Baby Babble DVD

We just started watching this DVD produced by two pediatric speech language pathologists. Emily was very engaged in it and I have to say after watching it twice she was babbling more than usual that evening. What I liked about it was that it taught me some simple things to do through out the day to encourage speech. It also goes over basic signs to incorporate. A good refresher for me.

Update: Emily now watches Baby Babble 1, 2 and 3. They have become her favorite videos!