Emily On Facebook

Hi Everyone!

Its been too difficult to keep up the blog and Emily’s Facebook page,  so I will only post here if there is something longer to discuss.   You can follow Emily on Facebook at her page called Loving our Emily.  🙂



Emily has been doing hippotherapy (therapeutic horse back riding with a licensed, PT, OT or SLP) since March of 2014 and it has been such a wonderful therapy for her. When she started out she need full support. Today she had what was probably her last lesson with the big bolster in front of her and will try out the supportive Boppy pillow behind her. Riding the horse does amazing things for the neurological system and the back, neck and spine’s, ability to support the body. Emily responds vocally to songs when she is on the horse and now does so at home as well. We love Loudoun Therapeutic Riding and The Ride On Ranch for giving Emily this opportunity! Her ability to sit independently will most definitely happen faster thanks to this therapy.


Facebook versus blogging and a short update

I have recently chosen to focus on posting shorter updates to Emily’s Facebook page instead of keeping up with longer blog posts here.  It’s a much easier way to keep you updated  since I can do do right from my phone in the minute or two in between reading, playing, cooking, laundry,  etc., etc!  That being said, I am still going to try to at least do a monthly update here so that I can really have her progress in writing, which I love to go back and read from time to time.  Its hard to see progress when you are there day to day, but looking back on old posts makes me realize how far we have come.   This past year has really seen a lot of changes for Emily and our little community has really grown.  The community has been the added wonderful bonus to this journey we never wished for.  I have become close to many amazing families whom I would never have otherwise met.  Max and Meredith have experieced things that will positively change the way they view people of different abilities for life.   Grieving for what might have been for Emily is over and the hope for her bright future, no matter what it holds, is strong.   The are significant challenges in each day that we tackle head on.  Recently these have been dealing with the school system and the decision about where Emily will begin her education (now that she is almost preschool age!)   I have really been relying on our incredible network of those who have been there and done that to help us through this decision.   The other major factor in this decision is that we begun to see significant changes with her home reflex integration program and her therapeutic riding.  Those will have to be a focus for the next year for her and I believe she is about to make a pretty significant jump in motor skills.  Thanks to all who have been following our journey, check Emily’s page out on Facebook if you haven’t already! 


Read Emily a story! Call for a little help with a new project for Emily

HI Everyone!  We recently noticed that Emily was not babbling as much as usual and has stopped saying “Mama”.  With the help of Max’s keen observant eye we have concluded that it’s media related. We have been allowing Emily to watch Baby Einstein and Sesame Street, etc. on her iPad during therapy to keep her calm and started to let her watch anytime we needed to have her entertained for a chunk of time but couldn’t read or play with her ourselves.  Now that summer is over and I am back to reading her books for a big chunk of the day, the babbling is back.  Here is where you come in!  I’d like to do video’s of people reading a story book so I can have her watch that instead of a TV show when I need it.   I am starting today with videos of myself reading.  If you have time and interest could you email me a video of a book being read by someone?  We don’t need to see you if you don’t want to be on camera, just the book with pictures and voice!  Please send to sarah3505@hotmail.com   Emily will be thrilled with some variety to her story time!!  


First steps in a gait trainer

Today was a big day for Emily. She received her gait trainer and took steps in it on her own right away! The equipment specialist was surprised and said if she was able to donut all ready she will get good at it pretty fast. I am so glad I found and requested the Kidwalk!!