Read Emily a story! Call for a little help with a new project for Emily

HI Everyone!  We recently noticed that Emily was not babbling as much as usual and has stopped saying “Mama”.  With the help of Max’s keen observant eye we have concluded that it’s media related. We have been allowing Emily to watch Baby Einstein and Sesame Street, etc. on her iPad during therapy to keep her calm and started to let her watch anytime we needed to have her entertained for a chunk of time but couldn’t read or play with her ourselves.  Now that summer is over and I am back to reading her books for a big chunk of the day, the babbling is back.  Here is where you come in!  I’d like to do video’s of people reading a story book so I can have her watch that instead of a TV show when I need it.   I am starting today with videos of myself reading.  If you have time and interest could you email me a video of a book being read by someone?  We don’t need to see you if you don’t want to be on camera, just the book with pictures and voice!  Please send to sarah3505@hotmail.com   Emily will be thrilled with some variety to her story time!!