First steps in a gait trainer

Today was a big day for Emily. She received her gait trainer and took steps in it on her own right away! The equipment specialist was surprised and said if she was able to donut all ready she will get good at it pretty fast. I am so glad I found and requested the Kidwalk!!


Sign language has begun

Emily is using her own version of at least 4 signs now. They are all one handed signs as she still has trouble bringing both hands together. She showed me “eat” yesterday and this morning she signed “milk”. These are in addition to “want” and “bye bye” that she already had. Our pediatrician said that signs count as language so we have ourselves an official communicator. This takes a huge weight off my mind as far as the question of whether Emily will ever talk. She understands and now uses language. Huge.


Stander success!

We are seeing instant results from the stander! Emily is bearing weight on her legs with support for a few seconds several times in a row now before she’s tired of trying. That’s after less than a week in the stander. I’m shocked and actually now thinking about the day she will pull to a stand. 🙂