Emily, learning to use her new iPad App

I downloaded the Fischer-Price Storybook Rhymes Vol.1 app for Emily and here she is learning to use it. It was actually free. The video is long and slow but you can watch her go from knowing nothing about how it works to using is well.  It’s a nice app for a baby who loves songs and story books and has fine motor delays. Watching her learn how it works so fast was fun.  

4 thoughts on “Emily, learning to use her new iPad App

  1. Hi Sarah this was amazing. Thank you for sharing all your posts and progress that Emily has made. I felt I was in the room with both of you and it was really special how she responded to its your turn and then doing it herself. You are also amazing in all you are doing with the Doctors and all the equipment you are trying to make Emily’s life so much better. I have watched and read all you sent and thought it was about time I let you know. I should have responded much sooner.

    Say HI to the kids and Steven for me.

    Love you ,
    Uncle Bill

    • Thank you, Uncle Bill! Glad you are enjoying the updates. We are thrilled with how well Emily is doing. Hugs to all of you guys. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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