June 8, 2013 – This week’s challenges and triumphs

This is a quick one as we prepare to go on vacation!

Challenges – Still fighting that weak neck. We are also still trying to learn rolling to the tummy without the help of an incline. Emily can’t quite get up on her side from the totally flat position. Hands are coming together more often but as fists, not open enough to hold something with two open hands. And they don’t stay together for long, yet.

Triumphs! Trunk strength made another big leap forward this week! Its so strange how she can sit and hold herself in a pretty good position if I just hold up the weight of that head. Her body does its part. If her head only weighed a few ounces we would be sitting independently, at least for short periods. Emily is very interested in bearing weight on her legs. She can stand supported for longer and still loves to “walk” in the water. Emily has held on to an object with both fists enough to keep it in place herself and even lifted things off her tray a couple of times with both fists. One time she was able to use lefty as a helper hand to keep something to her mouth that righty was holding. She seems to be starting to gain the concept of using both for a single purpose. Speech is going well as Emily continues to initiate and copy different consonants and vowels. New this week were an R and Y sound. She says “ooo” when she wants more food. It sounds like she is saying “All” when we are doing the “All done” sign. Signs! She has a sign for “all done” that she uses pretty consistently and she has copied the more sign a few times.

That’s it this week – hoping for a great increase in head and trunk control after our visit to Richmond for more Medek excercises!


9 thoughts on “June 8, 2013 – This week’s challenges and triumphs

  1. Sadie had such a large head as a baby and she didn’t sit for a while… and the doc told me it was because of that giant noggin! she will get there! much love.

  2. HI sweetie- enjoy reading your blog on Emily’s progress. Sounds like lots of good things are happening.
    Enjoy your trip with your family. You all deserve a break!! Love-Aunt Gayle

  3. Hi Sarah, I absolutely LOVE to follow your detailed progress of sweet Emily and see the pictures. She is a doll! Too, my 95 year old mom still asks about how she is doing, and showing her your blogs is my perfect answer! You are working SO hard to help her, in a million ways, and the results are phenomenal! Glad you can get away for a much needed vacation. Enjoy every minute of it! Love, Diann

  4. Hi there sweet Em-C! She’s going a great job!! Love to watch the progress from afar since we can’t be there to see it for ourselves more often. More importantly, Sar, you continue to amaze and inspire all moms with your commitment to Em. It is constant and you are working so hard. She is one lucky little girl to have you on the other end of this. It is fun for all of us to watch both of your hard work pay off…but I hope just as gratifying for you to see it. You are both amazing. Love you so much. Aunt Caroline

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