Rolling down the ramp

Our girl is making huge strides these days. One of them is learning to roll from her back to her tummy. I put her on a ramp I made and help her by giving her something to follow with her eyes and over she goes! At this point she need help from gravity but yesterday I was able to lower the incline by about 6 inches and she was able to do it! Eventually, we will get down to the flat floor and she’ll be officially mobile as she already rolls from tummy to back. She just loves rolling down her ramp!


CME intensive update

We are here in Richmond to do a week of CME sessions with Dr. Sarah Kranz. It is amazing and Emily is surprising us each day with her response to the different exercises. Go to my Alternative Therapies page to see a more detailed description of the therapy. But it is showing us that Emily absolutely has potential to correct her posture and balance herself if we put her in the right position and give the right cues. I’m beyond hopeful for this child’s progress to walking now.


June 8, 2013 – This week’s challenges and triumphs

This is a quick one as we prepare to go on vacation!

Challenges – Still fighting that weak neck. We are also still trying to learn rolling to the tummy without the help of an incline. Emily can’t quite get up on her side from the totally flat position. Hands are coming together more often but as fists, not open enough to hold something with two open hands. And they don’t stay together for long, yet.

Triumphs! Trunk strength made another big leap forward this week! Its so strange how she can sit and hold herself in a pretty good position if I just hold up the weight of that head. Her body does its part. If her head only weighed a few ounces we would be sitting independently, at least for short periods. Emily is very interested in bearing weight on her legs. She can stand supported for longer and still loves to “walk” in the water. Emily has held on to an object with both fists enough to keep it in place herself and even lifted things off her tray a couple of times with both fists. One time she was able to use lefty as a helper hand to keep something to her mouth that righty was holding. She seems to be starting to gain the concept of using both for a single purpose. Speech is going well as Emily continues to initiate and copy different consonants and vowels. New this week were an R and Y sound. She says “ooo” when she wants more food. It sounds like she is saying “All” when we are doing the “All done” sign. Signs! She has a sign for “all done” that she uses pretty consistently and she has copied the more sign a few times.

That’s it this week – hoping for a great increase in head and trunk control after our visit to Richmond for more Medek excercises!