Meeting Anat Baniel of the Anat Baniel Method at her DC area workshop!

On Saturday, May 18 I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a day workshop given by Anat Baniel, the creator of the Anat Baniel Method of physical therapy (ABM), that we use as part of our recovery therapy for Emily. She is originally from Israel and now has her center in San Rafeal, CA. Her method is considered an alternative type of physical therapy and it’s popularity and use are really growing in the world of cerebral palsy (and probably others disorders but I know less about them). Our local practitioner was there, too! Nice to see her after a long break in going for lessons with Emily. It was a great day and I learned much more about the method than I already knew. Thanks to Steve for staying home with all three kids so I could go!

A session of this method is called a movement lesson because it uses movement to have a “conversation” with the person’s brain to teach it how it how to direct the muscles to work more effectively and efficiently. During the workshop we listened to Anat speak about the Nine Essentials her work is based on and tell stories of her methods effect on different children. We also participated in different movement lessons that make you realize how effective these seemingly simply movements are at changing the way your muscles work! One lesson allowed me to go from fingers barely touching the floor while bent over to palms flat on the floor about a minute later, with NO stretching!! That one floored me.

It was a long day that seemed to fly by. It was wonderful to connect with some other amazing mothers of special needs kids, two of whom are also doing Masgutova Neurostructual Reflex Integration as part of their therapy protocol like us. We had so much in common! So glad I was able to go so that I could gain a deeper understanding of how and why this method will really help Emily in her journey. I am anxious to get Emily to the Center in CA one day to have a week intensive there and see Anat in action with Emily!

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