Some of the fun new Emily things we are seeing in the past few weeks

Change change and more change!   I have a bunch of topics that I have been meaning to write about and I will get to them soon, now that my lap top is set up again.    BUT, for now I will just report some of the new things Emily is accomplishing.   She has done the rolling over from her tummy to her back plenty of times on her rocker board (so she is rolling down hill a bit) But last week she was able to do it on the trampoline.  She loves going out there on it and playing with the net, and rolling around with help but she actually rolled three times on her own, back to tummy.  That is the one that has been so hard for her.  On the trampoline there was just a little tiny bit of a down hill slant since I was sitting there next to her. That was all she needed to go.  She is getting close to being able to do it on the flat floor.  One she has that under her belt she will have another way to move from place to place.    That leads me to the next accomplishment which is scooting herself across the floor on her back with her heels.  She is strong enough to slide herself down her crawling board on her back by pushing with her heels.  The crawling board is basically an indoor slide that I put at a very low angle.  When she is on the floor she can also do it if I help hold her feet in place.   She can scoot down the crawling board on her tummy too but prefers to be on her back.  Once the head control is much better, I’m guessing the tummy crawling will be easier.

NOW the big one!  She is learning to sign!  Emily’s cognitive abilities have reached the point where she can learn and copy a movement that I show her.  She has been shaking her head “no” for a while although she is just playing with it right now.   Yesterday I showed her the “all done” sign again and she did it back to me several times in a row.  So now I can show her more signs and we can really work on using them to communicate.   We are thrilled!

Emily’s head control and sitting posture continue to improve as she gains more and more strength from wearing her “Super Suit.  And as always, we are reading about 50 books a day with her turing the pages of every single one.   She usually uses her fist to do this but has started opening up her fingers to grab the pages.   She also picked up a toy off her tray with both hands for the first time!  Actually it was both fists but she lifted the toy up off the tray all by herself.  Really learning to use two hands together with really open up the possibilities for her.

Its been really great and so exciting to see her move forward in all these different areas.  This journey is a roller coaster but for a while now we sure have been on an upswing!  And we are truly appreciating every tiny little new thing this beautiful baby does.

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