Stepping at aquatic therapy

Emily has the stepping reflex intact for sure. At aquatic therapy today her instructor told me she really enjoyed stepping on the tile. She told me it was something we could work on on our own. So tonight in the bath we worked on it and the little girl was stepping her little heart out. With full support and the antigravity help of being in the water it made it really easy for her. We had a ball “walking” from one end of the tub to the other. And,by the way, she absolutely loves her aqua therapy sessions now. All smiles!

8 thoughts on “Stepping at aquatic therapy

  1. Hi Sarah. My name is Debbie and we share a mutual friend, Carol Amie. When Emily first had her stroke so long ago she asked some of us to pray. Just this past week she shared this blog with us. Your daughter is beautiful and perfectly made. She is adorable in her new, purple glasses and her smile with them on melts my heart. I will continue to pray for her (and you) but she looks like she is doing great. Thank you for sharing her story and Happy Mother’s Day.

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