Emmy got glasses!

Emily's new Mira Flex glasses

The last time we took Emily to the ophthalmologist to check on her mild strabismus,  the doc wanted to “just try” those huge metal test glasses on her.   (I don’t wear glasses so I am not familiar with the lingo.)  At the appointment before this we had discovered that she also has significant astigmatism, like her brother.  So, we knew glasses were in her future for that.   The doc said she didn’t want to torture Emily with glasses yet, “but  let’s just see”.   So she put them on and they looked like they weighed about 2 pounds.  Emily looked around and stayed quiet.  No protest.  The doc took them off and Emmy burst into tears!!  I said,  “I think she wants them back!”  So back on they went.  Silence, looking around.  The doc was very surprised and took them off again.  Tears and wailing.  This was an absolute first for the doctor.  She said she has never had a toddler recognize that the glasses help.  They usually just scream to have them off.  There goes Emily blazing a new trail again!  This was both great to see and guilt inducing.  Emily obviously needs the glasses and we probably won’t have to deal with her trying to take them off.  But of course, there’s the mommy guilt for not having them on her sooner.    Now that we have them, it’s a wonderful thing!!  She is doing very well with them and turning her head and body to look at things a ton.

6 thoughts on “Emmy got glasses!

  1. This sounds like what my Mom was like after getting cateracs removed. It’s a shame that she can’t talk yet – it would be facinating what she’d be saying. Well if there was any doubt what screaming meant, I’m sure it translates to “gimmy those glasses back!”.

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