Faster Progress

Just a quick one to report what our new wonderful Occupational Therapist said on Monday. After doing some work on the floor with Emily, she said she had never seen a child change so fast in such a short period of time, ever. Emily’s miraculous jump from very little head/trunk control 3 months ago to what it is today is apparently pretty rare. I will give a much longer explanation of why she is experiencing this in a post soon to come. This is the post that I want every family with a low tone child to read. Emily is also experiencing a dramatic change in the use if her left arm. She is supposed to be weaker on the left side but that seems to have changed. She tends to hold her shoulders back which makes bringing her arms forward difficult. The left shoulder has released and now that arm comes forward much more easily. With all that we do, there is no way to tell what therapy is responsible for what effect. But I have my theories that I will share. I just wanted to quickly share that assessment from the OT – as I am sure you can imagine, it made my week!

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